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Mom I Wanna be an Astronaut - A USC Mega Game Jam 2023 project

Role: Environment Artist

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 5


Environment Art behind the game

Astro boba drive-thru environment - Speed environment for less than 2 days

  • This mega game jam was a newbie-vet game jam, and as a veteran who attended 9 jams, I tried my best to make the freshmen's game design come true.

  • I was mostly doing the environment art for this project. I was setdressing for the "astro boba drive thru" that narratively became the working space for the main character after they dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

  • Because the playable area was small it was actually not hard to make this store happen.

  • By gameplay we wanted the scene to be as chaotic and as fun as possible, therefore I intentially made the color palettes vibrant and had planets and monsters as toppings for bobas.

(Full boba station view)


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